Website Development



Having your own website has never been more important. People often look online long before they visit your store. Making an amazing first impression boosts your overall success.

The process isn’t just related to how your site looks. It needs to be practical and easy-to-use, while providing visitors with all the information that they need.

Volta is focused on these areas, along with branding. We work to create a consistent image and message for you across all of the marketing that you do, including websites. Volta’s team-based approach means that work is conducted by specialists in each area, with seamless communication. As a result, you end up with a website that is both beautiful and functional.

We work exclusively with Squarespace as our platform of choice. Squarespace is a powerful tool, providing considerable flexibility, while still being accessible to beginners. This means that you have the ability to edit your site, if desired, in the future, giving you much more control over your own business.

Key areas of emphasis include:

  • Discussion of desired functionality, appearance and related elements

  • Mobile-responsive website design

  • Research into competitor sites and companies

  • Basic SEO work to help your website rank

  • Connection with compatible external programs or services (e.g. Timely for salon online booking)

  • The creation of related copy and/or content based on needs