Unite Church

Design Service Subscription April 2019 - April 2020*

Your subscription includes:

Unlimited monthly projects up to 45 mins per project. Additional time charged out at Volta’s standard hourly fee.

Examples of 45 minute projects include: Posters, Single page fliers, Banners, Social media posts, Website graphics, letters and forms, revisions to existing files, etc.

Examples of projects that would usually expect time exceeding 45 minutes: Business cards, Tri-folding brochures, Booklets, etc.

We do our best to estimate project times, and if we expect a project to exceed 45 minutes, we will make you aware of this. We require permission to advance into charged time, this will delay your project.

To help stay within 45 minutes, you can:

  • Give as much detail as possible when you are FIRST submitting your request. It is time costly to make multiple revisions due to lack of initial information. Call us if you want to discuss your project to give us a better idea of what you’re wanting.

  • If your project includes a lot of text, send us a word document with it all to save us typing time.

Reasonable turnaround times:

If you have lots of projects your are wanting designed - feel free to submit them all at once but let us know if you have priorities within your list. I’m sure you understand we can’t do it all at once and expect you to give us reasonable time frames. You have an annual subscription with us so we look forward to working with you throughout the year.

To submit your request, fill in the form below.

If you can think of ways we can edit the form to allow you to submit more specific details of your projects, please feel free to send us your suggestions.

We encourage you to feedback to us your experience of working with Volta over the year. You can do this as many times as you like by clicking here (www.voltadesign.co.nz/feedback).



*Subject to the term’s and condition’s within the contract between Unite Church and Volta Design regarding this Design Service Subscription. Refer to the contract for more details on “reasonable time frames” and project limitations and restrictions.