personalised Service Contracts

We asked ourselves, “If we were a business in an industry other than design, what would we want from a design firm?”

Our answer was that we would want any of our design needs, no matter how small or large, to be taken care of with no hassle.

Born out of this is our Personalised Service Contracts. For a set monthly fee, you can have access to our design services for every little need.

The benefits are:

No minimum charges: Just a monthly fee. Send through all your small and large design projects.

Easy to budget: Know exactly how much your design costs are going to be over the year.

Consistent branding across the board: Access to professional design for any need in your company, giving you consistent and high-quality branding across the board.

We notice, not just within the design world, that service contracts are becoming increasingly popular for an array of reasons beneficial to both client and supplier.

Sounds good?

Fill in the form below to discuss this with us, obligation-free. We will put together a personalised proposal for you.


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