Custom Product Creation

To Take your business to the next Level

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At Volta we recognize that no two businesses are the same. Each one will have its own unique needs and challenges. The best product designs take those areas into account, along with your branding strategy and overall goals.

To that end, Volta works with clients to create customised product solutions that meet their needs. This can include common product types like business cards, flyers and labels, along with more unique and highly tailored solutions. This process provides you with the design files needed for the production of your items.

We also partner with trustworthy local businesses to provide you with high-quality products that are printed to your exact specifications.

We are happy to arrange the entire production process for you and ensure that the design files are used correctly for the product. This makes the entire process simple, reducing any confusion or risk of miscommunication.

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Common Product Types

Share Your Information In A Stunning Manner

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Business Cards

Tried and true, business cards are a powerful way to tell people precisely what you do. They can be used to promote your business as a whole, for individual team members, or in many other ways.

Volta gets behind you to help determine exactly what you need and how to implement it in a stunning way. We partner with local printers to ensure that the finished card looks exactly as you expect it to.


Brochures can be used for simple or complex information. They’re often a way to promote services or to get customers excited about new specials. Whatever your needs, Volta can work with you to create a brochure that sends the right message.


Whether they rely on text alone or are packed with food images, menus are critical in the food industry. That’s even more important in Nelson, where competition can be fierce. Volta works with clients to design unique menus that capture the attention (and appetite) of customers.


Effective labels continue to reinforce your brand message, while also providing customers with the information that they need. Volta works with clients to create the perfect label, whether that is for a bottle of cold-pressed juice, body scrub, bath bombs, or something entirely different.