We believe a well managed and positioned brand represents a powerful asset for the company's total value.
It's a sales tool and a client loyalty promoter.
As a multi discipline creative agency, we have curated a team of creative experts in the fields of
print, photography, signage and online marketing.


Branding is an oft-ignored powerhouse of business. It influences the way that you are viewed, the people you reach and even your success. Clear and consistent branding helps you to stand out above the crowd, but many business owners don’t know where to begin.

Here at Volta, we’re experts in guiding you toward your perfect branding strategy and providing all you need to make it soar.

Services Include:
Branding Service | Logo Design


Items like business cards and brochures are important in countless ways. Volta provides a start-to-finish service to determine what you are looking for and to develop a design that sends the message you want.

We partner with local companies who we trust, such as signwriters and commercial printers, to provide you not only with the designs that you need, but also with the finished product.

Services Include:
Business Cards | Brochures | Custom Products


It’s a cliche, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words. The right photography can do wonders for promoting your business or even for personal needs.

Our services offer high-quality professional images with a particular focus on food photography for restaurants and cafes. Our headshots are perfect for any business type, helping you to appear polished and professional.

Services Include:
Headshots | Food Photography
Custom Photography


Having an online presence has become essential for modern businesses. Websites provide a valuable way to share information with a wide audience, while social media is critical for critical for getting your message out there and heard.

With our services, these areas are possible even if you have no online experience. We can work with you to discover what you need and how to best accomplish your goals.

Services Include:
Social Media Management | Website Development


With the right branding, a well-looked after car is like a business card. It becomes a powerful way to communicate your brand, your quality and your level of care as a company.

We work with clients to develop their vehicle as a strong marketing tool. This goes beyond simply signwriting design and includes research into window tint, wheels, and lease vehicles.