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Brand Strategy & Graphic Design


our mission statement

why we do what we do

It is our aim to create excellent brand strategies and design resources for growing businesses, allowing them to communicate their own unique vision and values.

Branding is much more than just a logo and a nice layout. It includes the colours, the font, the quality of photos being used, the feeling that customers get when they walk in the store and much more. Your brand is everything.

Volta was born from a print heritage. We’ve watched files being printed that desperately tried, and failed, to communicate their creating company’s vision. We developed Volta to bridge that gap - to create designs that look amazing on screen, in production and when used practically.


our key values

how we do what we do

TEAM: You don’t just get a designer with Volta, you get an entire design team.

We work in a cooperative manner to take full advantage of the unique skills and experience that each team member offers, rather than being limited by the expertise of a single individual.

PARTNERS: We believe in partnering with other New Zealand companies to provide a complete branding experience.

Design with us and then allow us to take your brand to the next level – by arranging its application through companies that we trust and have personal experience with. See our partners below.

EXCELLENCE: We believe in creating a brand strategy for your product or service that effectively communicates your vision and helps your company to shine.

We invest in specialised software and hardware, along with paid photo and font resources. By doing so, we can design your brand so that it visually communicates the effort, energy and quality of resources that you have personally invested into your company.