Branding Service


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Branding is an incredibly powerful business tool, one that companies often overlook. Your brand ties together many different elements, including:

  • What you offer

  • Your customer base

  • How you promote yourself

  • Who you are

A good branding strategy gives you an edge in the marketplace - helping you to grow. Customers recognize your business faster, as your marketing is always consistent.

At Volta, branding is our number one focus. That’s why you don’t just have a single designer on your project, you have an entire team. Doing so allows you to take advantage of each team member’s specialties, to create an amazing brand that lasts.

Our branding service is designed so that you can hit the ground running. We work with you to define your brand, particularly the who, what, when, why and how. We also work on the visual side of your brand, including textures, colour, typography and logo design.

The end result is a set of files and information that can be used across all of your marketing efforts.

What that looks like will entirely depend on your needs and individual situation. All branding services are completely customized to clients, as each situation requires its own unique touch.

Branding typically starts with a logo and an online presence, but can extend into many other areas, including related products (like business cards), the way clients feel when they walk into the store and even marketing on company cars.

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